On Friday, part of Casper's Seton House was destroyed by an apparent hit and run.

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That's according to the Executive Director of the organization, Carrie Reece, who told K2 Radio News that the wreck occurred on Friday evening at approximately 8:22 p.m.

"I believe police have already apprehended someone or, at least, they are very clear on exactly who the person is," Reece stated. "We have the person on video camera with our security system. There were numerous witnesses."

Luckily, Reece said, the wreck happened at the administration building, rather than an actual house with residents. Still, it could have resulted in a much bigger tragedy.

"Only one office was destroyed," Reece stated. "This is our administration building, so no one was inside. No one lives in this building. There were no injuries that we know of.  It's pretty sad, but we are so thankful no one was injured. There are often small children and people on our sidewalks. This could have been so much worse."

Reece said that the fire department arrived and "shored up the corner, structurally." She also said she was attempting to find a structural engineer and that they will hire a general contractor as soon as possible.

"Seton House will carry-on with business as usual," she stated. "On Monday morning we begin our 7th cohort of the Connections personal and professional development program we offer at Seton House."

The Seton House is a non-profit organization in Casper Wyoming that serves as a self-sufficiency program for single-parent families experiencing homelessness.

Per their website, "Seton House provides participants with tools, support and caring connections so that families, individuals, and children can have opportunities for positive growth.

"Each family going through our program lives in a fully furnished apartment supplied with basic living needs. A safe and stable home is paramount to success.

 "Our Life Transformation Coaches work closely with the families to empower them."

K2 Radio News has reached out to the Casper Police Department to find out if a suspect has been apprehended and/or cited.

Photos from the Hit and Run can be seen below:

PHOTOS: Hit and Run Devastates Seton House in Casper

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