After seeing this survey, I'm almost positive this will happen.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of California. At a young age, I understood the value of peace and quiet, not to mention having a safe haven to retreat to. I will always be thankful and have love for the 40 acres I grew up on for so many reasons, especially after living through this pandemic.

And I don't think I'm alone.

This pandemic and this idea of keeping apart from one another to keep ourselves healthy has got a lot of people thinking about their current living situation. No, I'm not talking about divorce rates. I'm talking about people wanting to live in a less populated area.

A recent survey revealed that six in 10 people would think about moving to a new place with less people.

It seems to me like Wyoming, with all of this great outdoors around us, would be a perfect place to move to if you were afraid of being in close quarters with other humans. Some people may want to uproot their city life and come here, and I wouldn't blame them. Heck, I've lived in New York City and in several apartments and I'm happy to, at the very least, live in a neighborhood. It's not fun to share a wall with a stranger, especially during a pandemic.

So, I'm predicting that in the next year we will see an increase in our population. Perhaps we will see a greater increase than we've seen in recent years. Do I think we'll turn into a new Manhattan? Absolutely not. However, this pandemic is making a lot of people make big life changes.

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