The bill to reform Wyoming property tax woes sure captured the state's imagination.

But it was not meant to be. At least not this legislative session.

HB 203 the Property Tax Reduction And Replacement Act died on the house floor.

The proposal would have eliminated property taxes for about 97% of Wyoming residents.

In its place would have been a 2% hike in the state's sales tax. Since Wyoming takes in a large amount of its sales tax from tourists, it would have been less of a burden on locals.

But as the bill made its way through readings and amendments were offered it was watered down to a mere shell of its former idea.

State Rep. Steve Harshman, R-Casper, tried to save the bill on Tuesday by reintroducing the original bill.

But the House killed it on its third reading, late Tuesday

Property Tax Written On Blackboard With House Model On Calculator

Harshman told Cowboy State Daily. It was necessary to try and keep the original intent of his bill alive.

“The status quo is always protected,” he said. “It’s just hard to change things.”

It's not that the bill can't make a comeback in another legislative session.

“The stars don’t always align,” Harshman said, adding that “the people of Wyoming are the big losers today.” (CSD).

One of the many reasons this idea had captured so much public interest was the idea of not ever running the risk of losing a house to the state after the mortgage had been paid off.

Evictions Continue Despite CDC Moratorium As COVID-19 Ravages U.S. Economy
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Folks have the feeling that they are renting their homes from the local government.

If they fail to pay their property taxes for any reason, all that they own could be seized.

But with so little time left in the legislative session property taxpayers are beginning to wonder if their state legislators will find a workable solution to Wyoming's property tax problem.

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