Having lived in Wyoming my entire life, that tends to be a pretty cool ice-breaker when meeting new people around the world. "Hi! I'm from the least-populous state in the US! My state has only one set of escalators!"

And it works. People from outside of Wyoming tend to be very interested when they meet someone from Wyoming. Statistically, you will likely be the very first person they've ever met actually from Wyoming. And, if you're not, don't worry they will ask if you know their friend that lives there!

Inspired by some of our listeners and a lot of my own conversations, here are some of the craziest questions people from outside of Wyoming like to ask Wyomingites.

"Do you ride horses to school?" 

Yes, new friend. We ride horses everywhere, obviously. Because the invention of the steam engine didn't single-handedly bring commerce through our state or anything. School buses are for city folk. We keep our horses tethered out front of all the bars, just like every western movie you've ever seen (set in the 1800s.)

Seriously, though, do they think we haven't heard of cars? If only they knew that living in Wyoming means long commute times...

"What state is Wyoming in?" 

A pretty dang good state, if you ask me. State of mind, state of being, state of the union, we're doing pretty okay over here. Thanks for asking!

"Do you have electricity/the internet?"

This one was actually asked to me.... by someone who was talking to me via the internet. First of all, I'd like to know where you went to school, because they're obviously not teaching you basic logic there. In order to use the internet, one must have electricity. In order to communicate over the internet (like this article itself) one must have the internet. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

"Does Wyoming even exist?" 

Nope. Good catch.

“What are those weird fence like things on the side of the highway?”

Those, new friend, are snow fences. They are weird, yes, but they are indeed fences. Snow fences are important in Wyoming because of the amount of wind and snow we get here. Those fences are there for one reason. To make it so that people like you can drive through our state.

Notice I said through. You don't have to stay, that's okay.

What strange things have people asked you about being from Wyoming? Let us know some of yours in the comments.

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