An Afton Iowa rancher ran out to the mailbox to try and stop his cow from eating all the mail.

Keep scrolling to see what else cows have eaten.

You've probably heard that old excuse, "The dog ate my homework."

I actually had a new puppy eat my paycheck, back when we all got paper paychecks from work.

These days mailboxes don't hold the same volume that they used to.

Most bills these days are paid online and don't arrive in the mail.

Still, it might be important. Can't have that cow eating something important.

Enjoy the video of this rancher running out to his mailbox to try and stop his cow.

This guy's going to go through the rest of his life wondering what mail he did not get.

Do you think mail tastes good?

Maybe not to you but it might to a cow.

This cow chews on a family's post in Iowa and then runs away with a letter in its mouth.

Rancher Erin Hudson can be seen running towards the cow to try and frighten it away

The cow then bolted and ran away with the mail in his mouth.

CAREFUL, you never know what a cow is going to eat.

Here is a point of view of a cow eating a GoPro camera.

It's a really gross video.

Just type "Cow Eats," and see what you get.

There is a video of a cow eating a chicken. Bet the chicken was surprised.

Are cows supposed to eat snakes?

I have no idea but here is a video of a cow doing just that.

I really think the cow has no idea. She just knows that she can chew and swallow it.

The moral of the story is, if you don't want it eaten, don't put it near a cow.

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