She wasn't trying to upset anyone. She just had a normal, well adjusted opinion on something. So she posted it. Imagine her surprise when the internet blew up at her.

For her own safety we will not tell you her real name. NO IT IS NOT KAREN! 

All she did was look at a news article of something that was happening in the world and, despite all of the freaking out from all political and social sides, she had a rational thought on the subject.

Having a normal, well adjusted, rational thought is not as uncommon as you might think. But the fact that she actually had the nerve to type it up and post it on her social media account is what has the internet fuming.

Truth is not many people followed her on her social media account. Even fewer do now. But that did not stop what she wrote from burning its way across cyber space.

Internet trolls instantly combed through her account looking for anything they could say about her so they could tear up her life, both online and off. But to their shock all they saw were photos of her and her dog, the flowers she planted in her back yard, and some nice scenery shots from the last road trip she took.

What about something she had written in the past? - Nope - just fun stories she enjoyed sharing about growing up in her little town and how much she loved ice coffee.

It turned out that this young lady was nothing more than a normal, well adjusted person and the internet does not know what to do with her.

Last night her social media provider suspended her account, sighting "offensive normalcy issues."

(For those easily offended, this article is satire). Look it up.

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