Hope you brought your appetite!

Do you ever watch the show Man vs Food? The show started with a man named Adam Richman. He would travel the world taking on all of these crazy food challenges. He's since retired from the show and the new host and contender is Casey Webb, but the premise is still the same... don't let the food win.

I'll admit, there have been plenty of times while watching the show when I've said out loud, "Oh I can do that!" Maybe not when it comes to the hot wings or exotic food challenges, but I could definitely throw down with some of these hefty portion challenges. There are just certain foods that we can consume ungodly amounts of, am I right? Pizza, burgers, fries are just a few of mine.

If you're into food challenges, there are several you could take on right here in our area. Many have great prizes like T-shirts, discounts, gift cards, photos on the Wall of Fame and more. Perhaps you can have your own local version of Man vs Food. Just insert your name into "_____ vs Food", make it a hashtag and get to eatin!

Here's what you can find in our area according to FoodChallenges.com:


Wing Shack's Bear Hot Wing Challenge - 10 wings tossed in their hot and spicy Bear Hot Sauce. You've got five minutes to eat all of the wings. No napkins, drinks or any dressings.


Born in a Barn's "Born" Burger Challenge - 14 half-pound patties, lettuce, onion, cheese, and onion sauce with one pound of fries and a 32 oz soda. You have one hour to finish it.
*They also have a wing challenge*


Abuelita's 7lb Monster Burrito Challenge - a seven-pound burrito that measures about two feet long. Using 4 tortillas, it's stuffed with beef, beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese. You have one hour to finish it all.

JC Burger's Ring of Fire Burger Challenge - 16 beef patties (about 2 pounds), mozzarella cheese, and two pounds of green chilies served on a French loaf. Two pounds of fries on the side. You have 30 minutes to finish it all.

JC Burger's Bearry Freez Malt Challenge - five 24-ounce malts in whatever flavors you choose. You have 20 minutes to finish them all.

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