According to a new report, Wyoming has some of the least crowded classrooms in America compared to other states.

As school districts decide the best way to have students return to school this fall, I have no doubt this will be a hot topic. Zippia just shared an article based on new data that shows the states with crowded classrooms and the ones that don't. Wyoming is definitely part of the "don't" crowd. Here's their map based on that data.


The key to these type of rankings is how they came to their conclusion. Here's what Zippia shared about their methodology:

To find the states where teachers have the most students, we analyzed data from the National Center For Education Statistics.For elementary schools, we selected the average class size for teachers in self-contained classrooms. For secondary schools, we selected the average class sizes for teachers in departmentalized instruction.

Sounds about right. Based on the Zippia rankings, only Vermont, North Dakota and Maine has less crowded classrooms.

I have to wonder how this kind of data will factor into school district decisions on how or if they will have students return to school as the nation continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The CDC has shared guidelines, but it seems they're relying on local and regional health departments to help make that call.

Check out the full Zippia rankings for more details on why Wyoming ended up being ranked as less crowded than most.

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