Republican nominees won all of their Wyoming state legislature races in Natrona County. 

Republican nominee Jim Anderson won the majority of votes for State Senator 28, winning 6,131 of the 6,414 total votes or 95.59%. 

Anderson ran largely unopposed.

Similarly, Republican Incumbent Charles K. Scott defeated Wendy Degroot for State Senate District 30. Scott received 6,046 votes, or 76.97%, while Degroot received 1,7612 votes, or 22.43%.

There were 47 write-ins, which amounted to just 0.60% of the overall votes.  

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For State House seats, Republicans Joe MacGuire, Art Washut, Steve Harshman, and Jerry Obermueller ran and won unopposed for House Districts35, 36, 37, and 56, respectivelyMacGuire won 5,045 votes (97.71%), Washut received 3,040 votes (96.54%), Harshman won 4.334 votes (96.65%) and Obermueller got 3,166 votes (96.73%).

All ran unopposed, except for write-in candidates.  

Republican Tom Walters defeated Shawn Johnson for House District 38, receiving 3,277 of 4,364 votes, or 75.09%. Johnson received 1,068 votes, or 24.47% while write-ins consisted of just 19 votes, or 0.44% 

In a closer contest, Republican Chuck Gray defeated Democrat Jane Ifland for House District 57, winning 2,503 of 3,634 votes, or 68.88%. Ifland received 1,120 votes, or 30.82%, while write-ins totaled just 21 votes, or 0.62%. 

Longtime Casper businessman Republican Patrick “Pat” Sweeney defeated Libertarian Joseph S. Porambo for House District 58 by 2,079 votes. Sweeney was the recipient of 2,725 of the 3,392 votes, or 80.34% 

For House District 59, Republican Kevin C. O’Hearn defeated Democrat Mike A. Gilmore, winning 2,657 of the 3,787 total votes, or 70.16%.  

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