The Boys and Girls Club of Riverton held their 2nd Annual Awards and Recognition Breakfast on Wednesday, honoring Rick and Josephine Gilpatrick this year.

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According to a press release by the Boys and Girls Club, preliminary dollars raised at the event totaled $130,669, with 340 people in attendance.

Ashley Bright, Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming CEO, said that they had a goal to raise $100,000, while last year they had raised $98,000 from a $75,000 goal.

The Boys and Girls Club in Riverton has an annual budget of $185,000, the remainder of which they will raise from donations throughout the rest of the year to help serve the 161 youths currently in the club.

At the breakfast, Hunter DeVries, a Youth Development Professional at the Boys and Girls Club in Riverton, shared a personal story of how the Gilpatricks have inspired him throughout his life.

He presented them with a Distinguished Service Award in Recognition of Exceptional Leadership and Service to the State of Wyoming.

According to the release, Rick Gilpatrick said, after receiving the award "We’re here for the kids and because of the kids. It’s all about them."

Also in attendance were Governor Mark Gordon and First Lady Jennie Gordon.

Mark Gordon highlighted the Club’s Cowboy Ethics program while Jennie Gordon presented a Scholarship to Riverton High School senior Carolyn Thornton, who plans to attend the University of Wyoming.

Bright announced at the breakfast the creation of the Wolverine Buds which has Riverton High School football players spending time each fall season mentoring club members weekly.

Bright said that the program will help the kids build a relationship with the football players and give them fun activities to participate in.

"I will tell you, that'll be the highlight of those kids' week," Bright said. "They will look forward to Thursday afternoon when the Riverton high school football team comes in their uniforms and builds relationships with our members. It's incredibly exciting...They will be doing everything from homework help to tutoring, to implementing and presenting games and activities, and participating in those games and activities, from dodgeball to kickball to indoor soccer, basketball, to name a few."

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