Lets just mix things that we think should not go together and see how it tastes. If it sucks, we know it sucks. But what if it doesn't suck? What if it's GREAT? 

Who thought of root beer flavored milk?

Made with root beer syrup crafted by CooperSmith’s Pub & Brewing. Tastes like a root beer float they claim. But sorry, no bubbles like soda has. 

In the video below, two DJs, Nick and Ian, decide to review the rare 'Root Beer Flavored Milk' that is out for a limited time only.

It makes sense to try a limited run, in case people don't like it or if it doesn't sell just because people cannot grasp the idea of a root beer flavored milk.

SPOILER ALERT: Nick and Ian did not hate it, but thought that it tasted more like milk than root beer. There was also that weird sensation of something missing, which would be the bubbles.

Their takes was that while it is an interesting marketing experiment, it was not something that they would rush out and buy. Also, there was hope it would taste more like a root beer float. It never came near that sensation.

Okay so if we go with what these two gentlemen think, it is not the big bang the company was hopping for. That's okay. Keep mixing and matching those food groups. Now and then something will pop up that we did not expect.


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