The Wyoming Department of Transportation says a tractor-trailer driver used a runaway truck ramp near Buffalo on Wednesday evening.

According to WYDOT, a five-axle flatbed hauling bentonite lost control while traveling toward Buffalo on US 16 and had to use the truck arrestor or catch-net system.

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The Buffalo Bulletin reports that the truck went through all 10 gates before "plunging into Mosier Gulch below." 

WYDOT says no one was harmed in the incident.

According to WYDOT, a truck arrester catch-net cable system is a series of eight to 10 cables that span across a long, narrow ramp adjacent to the highway used to stop runaway vehicles. They're typically installed on highway routes with a steep grade of 6% or more.

WYDOT says the arrester will be closed for an undetermined period of time while repairs are being made.

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