When the iconic radio talk host Rush Limbaugh passed away the big question was, who is going to replace him? Many names were kicked around.

Up until now, the Rush Limbaugh Show has been a host bringing up current issues then replaying what Rush has said about these issues in the past. This left people wondering what was going to happen to the time slot.

In a surprise move, Buck Sexton and Clay Travis will be hosting a show together in the time slot.

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I guess that means it takes two people to fill the shoes of Rush. That makes sense. But will it really work? It is hard to find one, if not two, personalities that can actually capture the imaginations of the public the way Rush did.

Sexton and Travis have both moved up in the talk radio genre over the last several years. Sexton at Fox News while Travis founded the sports reporting site Outkick and also hosts a morning radio show.

Limbaugh's style was unique and groundbreaking. There really is no way that anyone can do what he did. So the show that is coming is not going to sound anything like his.

This does not mean that your local station will necessarily carry this new show. Many stations will give it a try but there are other hosts out there. You might hear your local station go through several national hosts until they find the one that pulls in the highest ratings and revenue for them.

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