The “Save Wyoming” Rally is July 22nd  from 1 pm to 10 pm, at the Lander Community Center, 950 Buena Vista Drive, Lander, Wyoming.

The event host is Strokers USA, Inc. -- a performance shop for "American-made motorcycles" such as Harley Davidson.

Jeff Martin, the owner of Strokers USA and sponsor of the rally said, "The goal of the event is to create voter awareness ahead of the upcoming 2022 primary and general elections."

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“...The Save Wyoming Rally wants to encourage citizens to get out and meet the candidates face to face and ask the questions concerning them. We also encourage the Candidates to take the stage and express their vision for a better Wyoming and the steps it will take to get back our great state. We do not want to hear from the RINO’s with false promises. We want representatives that will fight for the ones electing them. We want representatives that will promote Wyoming resources and property tax reform. We want representatives that will promote and protect small businesses. We want representatives that protect our education system and keep Critical Race Theory from our schools. We want free and fair elections and to put an end to drop boxes. We are tired of the career politicians accepting hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal Funds only to take their orders from DC while making false excuses to the people that elected them. In our current uncertain times, one thing is certain, we are at the crossroads of Good and Evil. We The People must stand and take back our great state of Wyoming and it starts with electing the right representatives at our local and state level. Save Wyoming was founded on Truth-Trust-Honor. It is time to get back to common sense policies and put an end to empty promises. It is time to put Wyoming citizens first. We encourage other communities to follow our lead with more Rallies, keeping the momentum going right up to Election Day. The one true holiday! Save Wyoming Starts Now!”

Speakers at event will include:

  • Harriet Hageman for Wyoming State Congress
  • Brent Bien for Governor
  • Chuck Gray for Secretary of State
  • Tim Salazar representing Senate District 26
  • Rachel Rodriguez-Williams for House District 50
  • Shawn Olmstead Senate District 25
  • Bo Biteman Senate District 21
  • Sarah Penn for House District 33
  • John Winter for House District 28
  • Cheri Steinmetz for Senate District 3
  • Frank Eathorne, Chairman Wyoming GOP
  • Ginger Bennett, Chair Fremont County Republican Party
  • Scott Heiner for House District 18
  • Curt Meier, Wyoming State Treasurer
  • Kathy Russell, Executive Director Wyoming GOP
  • Corey Steinmetz, National Committee Man
  • Brian Schroeder for WY Superintendent of Education
  • Troy McKeown from Senate District 24
  • Tom James for Senate District 13
  • Jennifer James for House District 60
  • Mark Jennings for House District 30

Other Special Speakers will include:

  • Mark Jones – Gun Owners of America
  • David Iverson – Cowboy State Politics
  • Grace Andrus – Wyoming Conservative Chronicle
  • Lyle Williams – Guest Speaker from
  • Troy Bray – Guest Speaker from Park County
  • Maralyne Middour with comic relief

Movies and videos will be playing in the lobby including the recent film 2000 MULES.




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