Was it because the bear was not too big that this man thought it was okay to get so close to mama?

At least this time it happened in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and not in Yellowstone.

In the video below, you see a mama bear and her cubs moving through tall grass toward a parking lot.

"Stay in the car," someone wisely says. Most other people in the parking lot watch, but keep their distance.

But there is always that one guy, and you'll hear someone ask, 'What's he doing?"

One man - who can't seem to resist how cute the cubs are - approaches them with his hand out. The cubs are suspicious and keep their distance.

Then the fool runs around to the other side of the car to meet Mama Bear, who is leading her cubs across the parking lot. The man approaches, and she takes a short charge at him to warn him off.

The fool steps back, but then turns, laughing, as if the entire encounter is exciting and not dangerous.

At least, in this case, Mama Bear is not interested in a fight. She just wanted the fool to keep his distance. She continues leading her cubs through the parking lot and up into some trees.

The fool will continue telling this story his entire life, not ever realizing what a fool he had been.


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