Housing prices have been so high in Jackson Wyoming the average person who works there can't find a place to live anywhere near where they work.

What a perfect opportunity for a scam.

“Any time there is a supply and demand disparity,” said Jackson Police Department Lt. Russ Ruschill, “there seems to be an opportunity for crime to happen.”

The scammers' post on Wyoming’s Craigslist page, listing properties supposedly in Jackson that are typically $1,000 or less for a one-bedroom apartment. These ads can catch the attention of the flocks of people wanting to move to town, where housing is expensive and scarce. (Jackson Hole News & Guide).

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According to the local Jackson paper, the scammers are rather proud of themselves. They are apparently not afraid of the police. When it was realized, by one potential customer, that the ad they were looking at was a fraud, they contacted the scammer and threatened to call the police. "Go ahead," was the answer, and the scammer continued to post.

Scammers hope to collect money in many different ways, like charging for consultation and video time. On June 30, I contacted the person who attempted to scam me and told him I was writing a story about Craigslist scams. Understanding my intention, he texted me, “I will charge 100 dollars for a full interview and video call.” (JHNG)

Scammers tend to be where you think they would be from. One who wouldn’t give me his last name said he is 34 years old and from Lagos, Nigeria.

The story in the Jackson paper is detailed and has photos of what has been appearing on Craig's list. This is another case of "DON'T BE SO EASY" when it comes to giving out money over the internet.

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