The Hole In The Wall was a narrow pass used by the famous Hole In The Wall Gang.

Wyoming's Outlaw Cave was found, by those outlaws in that same area, used as a hideout and place to stash their loot, then found again by the law. But has it's location been lost again?

I've been to Outlaw Cave Campground a few times now, to camp at the BLM site overlooking the canyon. But when I head down the trail, which is a 1000 foot steep decent to the canyon river below, I've not been able to find the cave.

At the bottom of the canyon there are a few places that look like caves, from above, but once down there it is obvious that they cannot be the famous "Outlaw Cave."

The few ranchers living in the valley have each given different directions of where they have heard the cave is. Even a park ranger, a very nice lady who stopped in to visit our campsite the last time I was there, was not exactly sure where it was.

I've researched historical writings, a few poorly taken photos, and older and modern videos. But none of them can give me exact directions to the actual cave.

Even former Speaker Of The Wyoming House Tom Lubnau sent me a note telling me to go to the bottom of the trail, then off to the right a bit and 100 feet up is the cave. Well, sorry to tell you Tom, there is a small cave there. But it is not THE CAVE.

This above video shows you what I have found so far.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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