The beauty of Wyoming will blow your mind.

But that might depend on what parts of Wyoming you choose to see.

Some areas are desolate.

Folks coming from heavily populated states will have a hard time understanding why anyone lives out here.

Below is a time-lapse video on YouTube of a trip across Wyoming, from the southeast corner to the northwest corner.

attachment-Drive across Wyoming

We drove across Wyoming, starting in Cheyenne and ending the drive on the other side of the state, Cody. Huge, sweeping plains changed into towering mountains. Absolutely beautiful country.
Cities/towns driven through:


Enjoy Joe & Nic's Road Trip video, below.

The video is just over 9 minutes long.

No speaking, just fast driving and music.

But it's not boring and you'll get a feel for the landscape along the way.

They do a great job of pointing out Wyoming's most famous landmarks across the way.

They also do a great job of showing how open Wyoming's landscape is.

You'll get a quick and well-shot view of prairies, mountains, and canyons.

The video ends as they pull into Cody.

Just driving like this is beautiful. But it will never give anyone a real impression of Wyoming.

For that, you have to pull over and explore.

For that, I'll give you the video below of the 10 best places to visit in Wyoming.

With nearly half of Wyoming designated as public land, the Cowboy State is the ideal destination for anyone who wants to explore the dramatic natural beauty of the American West.

The most sparsely populated state in the Union, Wyoming is filled with spectacular landscapes, ranging from the thermal geysers of Yellowstone to the jagged mountain peaks of Grand Teton.

The mountainous state is rightfully proud of its Wild West heritage too.

Whether watching a bronco-busting rodeo or rollicking the night away at a country-music dance hall, it’s clear that cowboy culture is alive and well in Wyoming. (touropia),

Tour Wyoming's Greatest Ice Cream Shops

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

The Lighthouses Of Wyoming

I really have NO idea why you clicked on this link.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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