It's been over a week since the collapse of that sharp corner of Teton Pass.

The road fell apart on Friday, June 7th.

What started with a small crack in the road that WYDOT fixed with a patch became a disaster.

How are they doing with those repairs?

Will they have the temporary route open about when they said they would?

WYDOT posted the following photos on their Facebook page to show how they are doing, along with a press release that you can read below.

Anafi 1.8.2
Anafi 1.8.2

It looks like a lot of progress has been made.

But there is much more work to be done than seen here.

They have made some headway on the temporary road that would bypass the landslide.

WYDOT has provided the following update, which you can read, below.

WYO 22 Teton Pass update:
Teton Pass remains closed as crews continue work on the interim detour for the Big Fill landslide at milepost 12.8. WYDOT and contractors have also begun work on drainage improvements for the mudslide at milepost 15.

The Big Fill Slide, milepost 12.8 update-crews are nearing completion of the dirt work to construct a temporary detour around the impacted slide area. Crews will then begin preparing the area for paving operations.

Officials hope to have the detour paved by the middle of next week and open to traffic soon after.

Anafi 1.8.2
Anafi 1.8.2

The new detour will feature a paved roadway with two 12-foot lanes, one in each direction.

The detour will also have concrete barriers protecting motorists from any hazards.

The detour has been constructed on the interior of the curve, away from the unstable slide area. In addition, crews are using quality materials to build a solid foundation for the road.

Geologists are also mapping the site to confirm there are better native soils under the roadway.

Crews have taken material off the old embankment and used it as some of the detour fill, which will relieve the driving forces that are pushing on the slide.

However, the detour will create a slightly sharper curve and steeper grade.

Anafi 1.8.2
Anafi 1.8.2

WYDOT plans to reduce the speed through the area to accommodate the grade and increase curvature.

There will be advanced signage warning drivers of the reduced speed and any other applicable restrictions.

More permanent reconstruction plans are underway.

WYDOT engineers are working internally with their geologists, environmental services, and planning and design departments to develop long-term reconstruction options.

In the meantime, commuters are still being asked to detour around, using US 26 through Swan Valley and then into the Snake River Canyon.

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