On the downside this Futuro home from the early 1970s is now up for sale in Christchurch, New Zealand.

On the upside, it does not take much to disassemble it and bring it to where you live. These experimental homes from the 60s and 70s are fiberglass-reinforced shells that can be easily disassembled into separate panels and shipped.

The model in the video, above, has been mostly stripped inside. These things were meant to be little getaway homes, like a cabin in the woods.

The Futuro that is for sale was never really a residence as it was originally designed to be. Rather, it has been on display at a local botanical gardens in New Zealand.

Today it sits on a storage lot and is just an empty shell. But that means you can do anything you want with the inside.

There was some early success with the spacceship-like Futuro when it was first introduced by Finnish architect Maati Suuronen, and they became a favorite of collectors.

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The Futuro house website shows just a few units left around the world. Countries that have what is left of them are the United States, Europe, Australia, Taiwan, South Africa, and Russia.

The website link, above, shows the original inside design and floorplan. But in most every case new owners have redesigned the UFO house to fit their personal needs. It is easy to move things around inside because of the modular design.

Visit the website to see what these homes were meant to be as well as photos of the many creative ideas people have come up with for the insides.

Below is a video is from CNN that shows why they think these homes failed.


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