I'll have to admit, I've often driven by horse trailers on the highway and thought, wow, that would make a great camper.

Big ones or small ones, it does not matter. They seem suited for it.

Currently, the company, Duba Trailer, is working on one for a top rodeo star so he can take his work with him as he travels the national rodeo circuit.

In many cases, it's for people who are actually hauling horses yet still need a place to sleep. Why can humans and horses share the same trailer?

This first one has room for horses, with everything the horse will need, plus a place for your saddle and tac.

The front of the trailer is for humans and it is NICE!

Let's walk through a few in the videos below. This will BLOW YOU AWAY!

It's rather long but you'll need that if you are hauling both humans and horses.

There are all the comforts of home yet at the same time it allows for the work that needs to be done.

These trailers are built out by people who know what cowboys need to do their jobs.

Below is a home conversion, but this one has more of the comforts of home. There is a little kitchen, sleeping area, toilet, and shower.

The back end still opens for easy access. Never know when you'll need two big doors.

Making sure there is enough ventilation is easy with a horse trailer.

Rigging the thing with everything you want is as easy as a few hours at the hardware store.

Then it's just a matter of installation.

So as you can see, the nice thing about using a horse trailer is that most of the work has already been done. It's just about how much time and money you want to put into the conversion.

No matter the size of what the final buildout looks like, I'll always like the two big doors in the back. That's just handy.

In a future post, I'll take a look at converting an old horse trailer, cheap, yet making it look GREAT! This guy claims he did the job on a stupidly small budget.

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