Senator Rand Paul is a Libertarian. As such he is able to sit back and watch both Democrats and Republicans with a critical eye.

In a recent speech on the floor of the Senate he rips into Republicans for the hypocrisy when it comes to the national debt.

We are already a nation in so much debt that will do great harm to future generations. Yet Congress is just handing money to people as if it will actually solve our economic problems.

This goes against everything that Republicans say they believe in. Yet there they go again, voting for hundreds of billions and, at times, trillions in new debt.

Senator Paul will not make any friends among Republicans or Democrats for saying what he is saying but he is sticking to his principals, unlike those he is coitizing.

The most important thing to remember here is that the economy is NOT money. The economy is what we produce.

If we slow or, in the cases of some businesses, stop production, then we will end up in a worse position than anything a world wide pandemic could throw at us.

What good is having a $600 check from the government if there is little to nothing on the shelves of the grocery store?

The answer to fixing the economy is to let people get back to work. As for dealing with Covid-19, these has to be a way that we can do this yet remain safe at the same time.

The nation was $27 Trillion in debt before COVID. We can blame both parties for that. How much will it be after? How will future generations pay all of that back, with interest?

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