After spending the last part of March at the Southern Border, conducting 'Midnight Patrols' with Immigration Police, Senator John Barrasso has returned to Wyoming and has been making the rounds in various towns to offer support and encouragement to local businesses, schools, and health departments.

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 Recently, Senator Barrasso has shown up at Slade Elementary School in Laramie, Rock Springs Junior High, Wheatland High School, Niobrara County High School, and more.

He has also made appearances at various vaccine clinics around Wyoming, including one in Albany County.

More recently, Senator Barrasso ventured to Casper and met with the Executive Director of the Natrona County Health Department, Anna Kinder.

"Stopped by one of our local COVID-19 vaccine clinics in Casper to thank all of the staff and volunteers, including Natrona County Health Dept. Executive Director Anna Kinder, for all of their hard work," Barrasso wrote on his social media page. "The vaccine is now available for anyone over the age of 16 in Wyoming. I encourage you to get it if you are eligible."

Stopped by one of our local #COVID19 vaccine clinics in Casper to thank all of the staff and volunteers, including...

Posted by John Barrasso on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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