The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the senior class of 2020 in some very disappointing ways. Proms have been canceled, as have graduation ceremonies and parties. Casper resident, Courtney Faust, has an interesting idea so that the teens can still celebrate in style.

Faust is one of the admins for the Facebook group, Casper Saturday Cruise, which organizes a social distancing cruise around the city on the weekend. She recently shared a photo of the map route along with a message that read:

Senior class of 2020 should be graduating the last week in May. I propose that on the 30th we take a break from cruising ourselves and encourage all seniors to decorate their cars and cruise instead! We can all show support by lining up along the route and applauding them and all that they’ve had to overcome this year!

Spread the word to all the seniors in Casper!

It will in no way take the place of the senior class of 2020 walking across the stage, but it sure is an awesome gesture and a great way for them to get to celebrate from the safety of their own vehicles.

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