On April 5, the Department of the Air Force designated its new Ground Based Strategic Deterrent, which has been dubbed the LGM-35A Sentinel.

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This designation was approved by Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall, who commented on this modernization of the ICBM leg of the nuclear triad.

In the release from the Air Force, Kendall stated the reasoning behind the name stating,

"The Department of the Air Force has kept the watch; always vigilant and ready. The name Sentinel recognizes the mindset that thousands of Airmen, past and present, have brought to the deterrence mission, and will serve as a reminder for those who operate, secure, and maintain this system in the future about the discipline and responsibility their duty entails.”

Moving Towards a New Era of Nuclear Technology

The LGM-35A Sentinal will provide continuity in deterrence strategically, as well as cost less than extending the life of the current fleet of Minuteman III missiles, bringing their over 50 years of service to an end.

Along with this, the new system will incorporate low-risk and technically advanced components and will be easier to maintain than the current system.

The Sentinel is a fully integrated launch, flight, and infrastructure system with modern command and control features. 

The new home for this system will be F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, Malmstrom AFB in Montana, and Minot AFB in North Dakota, as the current infrastructure at these bases will allow both the Minuteman III and Sentinel to meet nuclear safety standards during the transition.

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