The Wyoming Game and Fish Department, as well as the US Forest Service, have put out several updates on road closures as hunters begin to travel to the Sierra Madre, Snowy Ranges, and Medicine Bow Forset for the fall seasons.

These road closures are due to hazardous roadside tree removal. The impacted areas include:

  • Segments of Forest Road 261 (Cedar Pass Road) are currently closed to through traffic 24/7. This closure begins where it junctions with Forest Road 201 on the north end and ends at Forest Road 100 on the south end. For the entire month of October, the road will be open to through traffic and camping.
  • Segments of Forest Road 443 (Jerry Accord Road) will be closed 24/7 until the end of August. From September 1 to October 3, the road will be open from 5 pm to 7 am from Monday evening to Friday morning each week, and will be open all weekend from 5 pm Friday to 7 am Monday. The road will close full time again beginning on November 1.

The closures will impact through traffic, overnight camping, and parking. Access to hunting areas along all roads will be allowed when the roads are open.

To view impacted areas, use the Wyoming Game and Fish Hunt Planner.

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