Not long ago, just a few years back, the trend was to buy the biggest budget-busting house a family thought they could afford. Then came the tiny homes, a complete reversal of the trend.

But those tiny home people are having families now, and want something just a bit bigger. But still at that tiny home price.

Today YouTube is full of smart and adorable ideas on how you can create your own little home that can be fun to live in, low maintenance, and most of all, will save a ton of money over the years.

How much for one of these homes depends on the size. How about owning a home for $13,000 to $24,000. That does not include the lot that it sits on.

Again, that will mean a little bit of work on your part, unless you want to spend just a bit more for someone else to fix up the inside. These cute little places come bare, with no plumbing, nor wiring, and no insulation. That is where the savings comes from.

In the video below, this gentleman will explain the finer details of how to pick up one of these places, have it set up, and the work you'll have to do on your own.


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