Albany County's Primary Elections ended around 7 p.m. yesterday. In the wake of the count, the two sheriff candidates came out on top.

Aaron Appelhans, the current Albany County Sheriff, has won the sheriff nomination for the Democratic Party and will move on to the General Election in November. Appelhans will face off against Republican candidate Joel Senior in the 2022 General Election.

A Closer Look at the Albany County Sheriff's Race

The Sheriff's Primary Election race pitted two Republican candidates against each other for a place on the ballot, Rafael Q. Delgadillo and Joel Senior. Delgadillo pulled in 2,149 votes in yesterday's election, but Joel Senior won by over twice Delgadilllo's numbers, pulling in a total of 4,696 votes to earn the Republican seat on the General Election ballot.

As for the Democratic slot on the General Election ballot, Appelhans did face several contenders. Zeb Gladney pulled in 75 votes, and Curtis Lee Moore earned 157, but Appelhans was the clear winner with 937 votes.

Appelhans vs. Senior

Aaron Appelhans is the incumbent candidate for the 2022 Sheriff's race and the first Before his time as sheriff, Appelhans worked as a University of Wyoming Police Officer, a School Resource Officer, and a Detective. Before his time as a police officer, Appelhans worked as Assistant Director of Multicultural Recruitment at his alma mater, the University of Wyoming.

For more information on Aaron Appelhans, visit his election website by clicking here.

Joel Senior has served in the Laramie Police Department since 2001. He has worked in the Criminal Investigations unit, during which time he was awarded The VFW Post 14 District 6 Lawman of the year award. In 2020, he began working as the Criminal Investigator for the Wyoming Livestock Board.

For more information on Joel Senior, visit his election website by clicking here.

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