Who doesn't love a good maze this time of year?

Let's throw in some zombies and lord knows what other kids of creepers. 

Now, what if you were allowed to SHOOT AT THOSE GHOULS? 

Only in Wyoming... and maybe Texas.

In Cheyenne Wyoming, you can find a Haunted Halloween Maze. That lets you defend yourself and take out the bad guys, or ghouls.

Advertised for ages from ages 5-105. (Insurance waiver needs to be signed)

The video below shows what a zombie hunt in another state looked like.

Entering this maze you will have to combat many areas including; Blowing up our murder hornets, and their un-dead keeper.

Try and shoot down a few standing zombies take a second to shoot at what they captured In the mountains of Wyoming.

They will start taking names at 5:00 pm and filling out forms.

At 5:15 pm a maze master will guide the first group threw, and the last group enters at 9:30 pm on October 26, 27, 28, & 29th.

Large groups are the best. It's just more fun if you're fighting with a team. Group numbers are up to 5 players at a time.

Here is another video showing a zombie hunt.

Players will all have clean safety masks for each round.

Adults can walk with young players at no charge.

Remember this is LIVE ACTION. With guests getting sometimes lost and stuck in the haunted Maze.

Step over, duck, and squeeze together and walk through some spooky spaces.

$10.. per player. cash or check only!
Any questions call or text 307 631-2137

Find this good time at W. 19th Street and Washington by the Ice and event center next to Missile Drive Auto Body

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