First, let's remember - America does not have a shortage of anything. We have an over-abundance. The problem is that people are rushing the shores and clearing the shelves faster than they can be replenished. Lets take a breath, and take stock, before anyone heads back to the store for another round. I'm just going to go through the basics.

1) Some canned and boxed food items for long term storage. There should be enough in your house to last a few days.

2) Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats. Just enough to last the week. These items do not tend to last longer, unless you know how to properly store them. 

3) Do you know how to make things from scratch? Most people have forgotten. Making fresh bread, pasta, and other items from scratch is almost a lost art, but actually very simple to do. If you do know how to make things from scratch, then you have the advantage of stocking up with a few days supply of what other people are passing by at the store, because they don't know what to do with those ingredients.

4) Cleaning supplies that will keep your home disinfected from corona virus. You do not need a years supply, just a few cans of this and a bottle or two of that will get you through this.

5). For the first time in your life you might actually have to calculate how much toilet paper your family needs in a week. Have a couple of weeks supply ready. A couple of weeks supply is NOT an entire shopping cart overloaded. Leave some of everyone else.

If we all take a break from rushing the stores for a few days they will have the chance to restock. Then, if we all go back to shopping the way we did before coronavirus, we won't see a shortage of anything at the stores anymore.


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