A Casper man allegedly fired shots while his accomplice stole a delivery car outside a pizza store, spurring a high-speed chase Wednesday night.

Isaac Alexander Dorman, 22, and Tiedon Zufelt, 19, were arrested in connection with the theft. Both live in Casper.

Zufelt is charged with grand larceny, conspiracy to commit grand larceny, property destruction and defacement, eluding law enforcement, shoplifting, conspiracy to commit burglary and aggravated burglary.

Dorman is charged with conspiracy to commit grand larceny, conspiracy to commit burglary and aggravated robbery.

Late Wednesday night, police received a 911 call from Domino's Pizza. A delivery driver had left his Chevy Cruz parked outside running when he went inside to get his next delivery. When he came outside, he saw his vehicle being driven off and ran after it.

As the delivery driver ran after his vehicle, he saw someone in a dark SUV fire three gunshots.

A police officer responding to an unrelated call in the area heard the gunshots before seeing a red car speeding away from the area of the shots.

Officers found the stolen Chevy parked in an alley parallel to North Colorado Avenue behind University Park School. Police ordered the driver, identified as Zufelt, out but instead, the driver "floored it," ramming one officer and nearly t-boning another.

Police later found the Chevy parked in an alley east of Trigood drive. Police later found a dark blue 2008 Toyota, which was also stolen and used in the Domino's theft. Police recovered a shotgun from the Toyota.

At 8 a.m. Thursday an employee at Rocky Mountain Discount Sports called police and said a suspect from an August 23 shoplifting was in the store. Officers arrived and arrested Dorman without incident, according to the affidavit.

Dorman allegedly told officers that he and Zufelt were driving around Casper Wednesday night in search of methamphetamine when they saw the parked Chevy outside Domino's, according to the affidavit.

According to the affidavit, Dorman reportedly told police asked Zufelt if they wanted to steal the car and its contents. They drove around the block before Dorman dropped Zufelt off to steal the Chevy.

As Zufelt was driving off, Dorman saw someone running after him. Dorman said he fired three warning shots from an AK-47 style rifle and continued driving east on Fist Street.

Thursday afternoon, the Natrona County Special Response Team executed a search warrant on a home in the 300 block of North Colorado Avenue where they arrested Zufelt.

Court documents allege that Zufelt and his "homie," Dorman, left their home Wednesday night in a stolen Toyota. Zufelt allegedly told police that he took a Glock pistol from the Chevrolet and hid it behind the drywall in his home.

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