Is your family tired of you singing the same songs in the shower every day?

Well, they are going to really HATE you after you listen to these two songs.

For the first one let's take a look at any song we can think of where the singer sings "YEAH!"

Let's just cut out that part and paste it together will all the other famous singers singing "YEAH" and see what we get.

What we get is the "YEAH" song sung by some of the most famous singers of all time.

It actually sounds pretty good.

The YouTube page THERE I RUINED IT thought of this idea.

Editing together all of these YEAHS would not have taken much time.

Think of enough songs to put this together, that's the time-consuming part.

Maybe a word search on the internet might help a bit.

Below is the song that was created.

There is no way you can' remember the words to this one.

Probably the next hard part is putting these "YEAHS" together in a way that sounds good.

The song is not a long one.

But it will get caught in your head.

The video has a BONUS ROUND of the video is all of the same singers singing "NO."

I supposed we can do a video after this one where a bunch of singers sing "BABY!"

This is a pretty creative YouTube page, isn't it?

Let's go ahead and ruin another.

Song number 2.

How about "I LIKE BIG BUTTS" played to classical music.

For this, they chose Bach, who must be rolling in his grave.

Again I'll warn you that this will get caught in your head if you're someone who gets "earworms."

Don't hate me.

You were dumb enough to click on it.

You just had to hear it, didn't you?

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