There is nothing better than stepping out into the fresh morning air and breathing it in. There is nothing worse than having to go back inside because of a fire 100 or some miles away that's pouring smoke in your direction.

Before you go outside, it would be nice to know the air quality in your area and what the air quality forecast is for the next few days. You can find out by following this link to the Wyoming Air Quality Monitoring site.

At this link you'll find a site that also forecasts the air quality several days out.

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These sites do more than just track smoke from fires. But those fires are what is most important to people right now, so let's focus on that.

Last Saturday the smoke from the Mullen Fire in southeast Wyoming was so bad, social media soon filled with photos like the one you see here. The view looks like something out of an apocalyptic Hollywood movie.

The weather Sunday and Monday changed things up a bit with a slight change in wind direction, cooler temperatures, and even a bit of snow on Sunday.

A new and innovative weather website called Windy shows wind direction and intensity. You can follow this link to see what direction the wind is blowing the fire, along with other weather conditions.

The Windy website showed a change in wind direction for a couple of days, providing towns to the east of the fire with a bit of relief from the red eyes and burning sinuses for a moment. But if you look now and continue to track the sites, you'll be able to see how the smoke is moving.

Using Windy's satellite loop you'll be able to track the clouds as well as the progression of the smoke.

Smokey Wyoming Sunrises

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