No one likes fire season - but with every disadvantage comes a few pluses.

These two photos were taken by local photographer Tim Mandese at the overlook on Casper Mountain.

The direction he was pointing put the smoke from the Worland Wyoming fire across the horizon, making for a beautiful orange sunset.

Smoky Wyoming Sunset Over Wyoming 2 Photo By Tim Mandese
Smoky Wyoming Sunset Over Wyoming 2 Photo By Tim Mandese

Normally, color like this is only seen in the clouds when they are positioned in just the right way above the setting sun. On this night the color filled the horizon.

Notice also the dark streaks in the orange caused by the shadows cast from the few clouds that were present.

Another impressive color image was posted on Wyoming Through The Lens by Laurie Tucker. This image was taken back in 2017.

We all want to see fire season come to an end. But until then, there is nothing wrong with soaking in some of the strange beauty the events can bring to our morning and evening skies.

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