For the record, the "STUDY" that showed Wyoming was the worst state at social distancing was garbage. Don't believe it. 

Still, there are a few out there who are not quite getting the concept.

Here is how this works: The only defense we have against the spread of COVID19 is for all of us to spread out.

The disease cannot move from person to person without our help. Keep your hands clean. Wipe down what you touch before and after you touch it.

That's it. Literally that is all you need to know.

Yet there are a few out there who still do not get it. Don't worry folks, we've got you covered.

For those who are still meeting with groups of friends, coworkers and family, and taking your kids on play dates, here is a simple chart that you can consult that just might help during those times when you are confused about what to do.

--- Glenn Woods

Social Distancing Flow Chart