First, the bad news: Wyoming has lost more jobs in the mining and energy industry in the past few months, according to reports.

Now the good news: A coal power plant in North Dakota will stay online after requests were received from Canada and surrounding states. Reliable power is needed and wind and solar have simply not been providing it. According to the Wall Street Journal, it's not just around the globe but here in America where the economy is making a slow comeback after the government shut it down. More reliable power is needed. A lot more.

Want some more good news? Coal use is surging in some of the world’s largest economies as electricity demands rebound. As demand for electricity increases countries are finding wind and solar energy are unreliable.

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Coal was in decline for years in many countries, but its use is now picking up in the U.S., China and Europe despite growing pressure from governments, investors and environmentalists to curb carbon emissions. The leading reason for the uptick—which has pushed coal prices to multiyear highs—is rising power demand as economies reopen rapidly from pandemic hibernation. (WSJ).

States like Californians have tried to go 100% wind and solar. But they found they could not do it, as much as they want to. California pays dramatically higher prices per kilowatt-hour. Up to 70% more than the average American. As their prices sour California's power grids become less reliable due to wind and solar. Blackouts and brownouts caused them to keep buying and generating power from Coal and Gas.

OPINION: The new mission, for the good of humanity and the planet, people need to be educated. We can now see what is unreliable and clearly not clean or sustainable or affordable. We now know that we can burn coal in a clean way, as we already do in Wyoming. We also know that carbon sequestration is nonsense since CO2 is not a pollutant and is actually good for the environment. This would be a dead planet without it. This has not been taught to the general public. Coal power does not need government subsidies like wind and solar. It makes a profit on its own. This is a very good time to start. Coal has taken a few hard hits but it is nowhere near dead. The world needs reliable, clean, affordable energy.

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