Residents of Sioux Falls South Dakota are mourning a cornstalk that briefly, and bravely, and maybe even magically, defied all odds and grew from the sidewalk in the middle of town.

People need inspiration in times like these, and the corn stalk gave it.

The stalk had won the hearts and minds of the people of South Dakota's most populated town. Images of the growing stalk were posted on social media every day with words of hope and encouragement.

The Argus Leader reported Wednesday that the stalk growing through the cracks of the intersection of 57th Street and Minnesota Avenue on Sioux Falls' south side had been brutally ripped from the ground.

The people had named it The 57th Street Corn. You can even find photos of it on Twitter

“Finding joy in the small things will continue to help us get through what has been a challenging time in our country,” the mayor said. “It was ‘amaizing’ to see the community rally around the 57th Street corn as a sign of hope over the past few days.”

But, alas, Wednesday morning some evil killer had ripped the lone corn flake from its crack in the sidewalk. There was a outcry on social media.

If you go there in person you will see that someone posted a sign to a traffic post near the site where 57 Street Corn grew that reads “CORN RIP."

There is now a FaceBook page to honor and raise a new corn stalk for those who care to join.

To remember the brave corn stalk in true American style, you can now buy T-shirts.

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