Why not recruit people from Wyoming into America's new Space Force? Most Wyomingites see more stars than folks in other parts of the country, which I think makes them more than well qualified. Well, that's one reason anyway.

On the Wyoming FaceBook page for the U.S. Air Force: U.S. Air Force and Space Force Recruiting-Cheyenne, Wyoming.

You can go to any recruiting station near you. You can also look up online to see exactly what the new Space Force branch of the military will be doing.

Sorry to say, you will not be flying an X-Wing fighter or gearing up like the Marines in the second Alien movie. Lord knows you don't want to dress like a stormtrooper or wear a red shirt like those poor security officers in Star Trek: the stormtroopers had lousy training and guns that could never hit anything and the red shirts never came back from a mission alive.

Chances are you'll be working at a computer screen. But that does not mean, if you have some training and skills, that you might not be working on a launch platform in some way.

I'm sure the other branches of the military are already coming up with Space Force jokes. The rivalry between the branches of our military is a lot of fun. They are family, after all.

So go join the U.S. Space Force from a local recruiter and make Wyoming proud. It is bold new territory. Those who are the first to join will define what Space Force will be generations from now.

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