As a Radio Talk Host, here is how I see my job:

We need a place where, as Americans, we can come and discuss the best way to solve our problems. I provide that platform on the radio. I get the conversation started by offering my more Libertarian point of view, and everyone else can then join in by phone. All points of view are welcome.

Our nation is now desperately trying to avoid the pandemic that has hit our planet Earth. We need a place where we can discuss how to best proceed.

The Democrat will call the show offering to socialize everything under total government control.

The Republican will call the show offering a mix of mostly free markets with a lot of government help and control.

The Libertarian (that's me) will offer free market and local civic group solutions, with government there to deal with anyone who is being dishonest or corrupt.

That makes for a good three-sided discussion.

It was not helpful when, recently, a caller began screaming that the entire reason we have this problem is because TRUMP! - He's a racist, because he calls it The China virus! I hung up on the caller.

It is NOT racist to call this "The China Virus" - because it came from China, after all. Is it racist to say "The Spanish Flu"? Of course not. And no offense is meant to pigs when we talk about "The Swine Flu".

Politicizing this problem is not solving anything. This is not the time to attack each other. This is the time to come together and think.

If you are using oronavirus to try to do damage to your political opponents, you suck, both as an American, and as a human being. We are looking for the best way to proceed in order to handle a pandemic in our own country. Let's have a constructive conversation.

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