It was odd enough when Las Vegas offered us Drive Through Weddings (you could then drive two blocks up the road and get a Drive Through Divorce.) Even stranger when they gave us Drive Through Funerals. 

But now, coronavirus offers us even more strange and creative drive-through options, all in the name of "social distancing."

How about a Drive Through Peep Show? Also found in Las Vegas. After the peep show, should you feel guilty, Try The Drive Through Prayer Chapel. After the peep show and lawyer you might be short of money. How about a Drive Through Pawn Shop?

Still in a frisky mood? Get a Drive Through Tattoo.

Drive Through Body Piercing? That does not sound safe..

I'm not sure how you are supposed to browse the books at a Drive Through Library, but there it is.

For the cultured, there is also a Drive Through Museum and Art Gallery.

Lets not forget, this is an election year. How about Drive Through Voting. Yup, that is a thing.

And yes, there are Drive Through Liquor Stores. There are also Drive Through Pot Shops.

Drive through guns? Yes! But why stop there? HOW ABOUT DRIVE THROUGH LIQUOR AND GUNS?

Let's not forget - we now have drive through testing for coronavirus too.


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