WalletHub sucks. Let's just get that out of the way first thing.

I see their stories all the time and hear media personalities quoting them. "STUDY SHOWS!" Yet more often than not when I read their "study" it is filled with mistakes and wrong assumptions. This is because the people who work for WalletHub are in Washington DC and have never been to Wyoming.

In a recent article, they noted the lack of degrees from major universities in Gillette Wyoming. What they did not know to look at, because they have never been to Gillette, is that a degree from an ivy league school is mostly useless in that town. The folks there make a lot of money in the energy industry, which requires a tech school degree.

Just over a year ago WalletHub said that the worst drivers in Wyoming were in Buffalo. They based this on how many tickets were issued by police and insurance records. But no one at WalletHub even knows where Buffalo Wyoming is. They might want to experience driving conditions before coming to any conclusions.

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They are not the only ones. I could name several other publications from all over the nation that write about us but have never been here. So, why do they do it?

Mostly it's just about content. We now have several 24/7 news networks and an internet filled with websites of all sorts who need to fill their online pages with content. So they hire people to sit in front of computers and think up anything- a n y t h i n g. Whatever, as long as it generates traffic to their site.

This means that the people who are conducting these "studies" don't really care if what they are writing is accurate. They will Google a few things, make an assumption or two, then write it up. Their job is to post several stories a day. That's what they get paid for.

They publish clickbait- not quality content.

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