First there was that "study" that claimed Wyoming scored an "F" when it came to social distancing. The same group that made that claim came back later, after having adjusted their "data" and said we actually deserved a "C." That "C" grade is still wrong. People live in Wyoming in order to social distance.

When we look at how studies come to these conclusions, their methods are obviously flawed. For one, it is easy to tell that the "researchers" have never been to Wyoming.

The website called Wallet Hub makes its living by throwing quick and dirty "studies" up on the internet. They once made the claim that the worst drivers in Wyoming were in the town of Buffalo. I interviewed the young man who did the research on the Wake Up Wyoming morning show. All he had done was looked up some insurance data and traffic tickets - he had never been to Wyoming. What if Buffalo was an area with stricter law enforcement? That would explain more traffic tickets. Not everyone who dents their truck calls the insurance company. He never thought of that.

The list of bad research about Wyoming, and everywhere else in the nation, is a long one. Mostly it is conducted by young website employees that attempt to make a living by selling ads and apps. Conducting quality research is not really their top concern.

So, fine - I'll do my own "research."

After spending all of 5 minutes typing words into Google I have come to the conclusion that that vast majority of "research" found on the internet is done by people who never leave their office cubical to find out if they have all the information necessary to come to a conclusion.

CONCLUSION: Any study about Wyoming that was done by someone who has never been to Wyoming, is garbage.

YOU KNOW MY RESEARCH IS TRUE - because you found it on the internet.

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