Magician and stunt man David Blaine plans a stunt worthy of the Disney movie UP.  But without the house.

He actually plans to simply old on to a fistfull of balloons and float away. He says this stunt has been 10 years in the making.

Stunts like this have been done before. But with Blaine there is one difference. Or rather, one thing missing.

There was that man who tied a bunch of helium balloons to a lawn chair and drifted off. When he had enough and wanted to come down he began popping those balloons one at a time. You can watch that fun ride in the video below. After the first guy did it, several others around the world decided to give it a try.

David Blaine is doing this, minus the lawn chair.

David Blaine Stunt Tweet
David Blaine Stunt Tweet

I suppose he plans to do more than just hold on. One little slip and he's done. There would have to be something to make sure his hand stays attached to the strings that are attached to the balloons.

David Blaine makes a name and a living with magic and stunts like this. In 1999, he allowed himself to be buried in a box under a water tank in New York. Back in 2003, he was sealed inside a Plexiglas case in London. Back to New York in 2006, he spent seven days submerged in a water-filled sphere.

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