I'm sure you have heard, and read, that farmers and ranchers are having a tough time right now. Of all the people out there, we need them most.

Here are 3 simple things you can do to make sure that these Wyoming producers stay afloat:

1). Shop local grocery stores where you can find the labels for locally produced products. If you can't find those items right away, ask and they will show you. Locally owned stores most often carry locally produced products.

2). Wyoming has led the way in America's food freedom laws. In this state you can buy beef direct from the ranchers.

3). Support your local farmer's markets. Visit the Wyoming Farmer's Markets Association website or visit their FaceBook page.

These three easy steps will go a long way to letting the hard working producers of our state know that we are here for them. Each dollar spent is money they need to stay in business.

Going back to that FaceBook page for a moment: liking, following, and commenting will open the door to inside information as to where you can find what you are looking for - in some cases, right up the road from where you live.

There is nothing better than fresh eggs, milk, and meat right from the farm. Buying from you local store will also help keep those much needed business up and running during these tough time.

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