Last week, Jacquie Anderson, owner of The Bluebird Restaurant (The Cheese Barrel) announced that somebody had ran into her vintage Model A Ford Sedan early Saturday morning. Anderson said it was a hit and run, and it absolutely demolished her prized vehicle; the one she inherited from her father.

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After her post, and the report from K2 Radio News and other news sources, the community became vigilant in tracking down the suspect. Anderson herself recorded and spoke about the incident on her TikTok account, and the video quickly went viral, reaching 2 million views and amassing more than 178,000 likes.


@1bluesgypsy Early Saturday morning, December 10, at 2:47 AM, a silver, half ton truck, rammed into and totaled my dad’s beloved 1928 model A Ford Sedan. Insurance companies and body repair shop companies have been notified for any new claims and repairs to the right fender, headlight and panels of this vehicle. Please contact the Casper Police Department case number 22–079702.##hitandrun##casperwyoming##1928##lifeofarestaurantrockstar ♬ original sound - Jacquie Rose760

In the 7 days since the accident, Anderson has pleaded with the guilty party to come forward and now, according to Anderson, it looks as though he has.

"So the person involved met with the police," Anderson told K2 Radio News. "One of the things I told the officers was to reach out to this individual to express how grateful I was that he was not seriously injured. And that all I want from him at this point is for his insurance to cover the damages incurred on the car."

Anderson then got candid, and stated that she doesn't want the community to 'out' this person, or to be cruel and unforgiving to him.

"I also wanted to let him know that we can work through this together, without getting vilified by the community," she said. "Could be a win-win situation for both of us. Obviously, it’s a win for him being able to walk away from a scene like that."

The damage to the car was immense but, Anderson said, the damage to the other vehicle had to have been even worse.

Still, Anderson said she wants to use this situation for good, which is why she's contemplating bringing back the 'Pop in the Shop' program to the Casper community.

The Pop in the Shop program was a way for young men to be mentored by older men while working on cars.

The previous Pop in the Shop website stated that:

Some of these young men have scars from feeling rejected by their fathers. They feel hurt, confused, unloved, worthless and even like they are the reason their dad left! Many end up in jail, in gangs, on drugs, on alcohol, drop out of school or even commit suicide! ​Our Ministry helps them feel better about themselves and has the opportunity to pull them away from these statistics! We can teach them a hobby or vocation in he automotive field. We even offer scholarships! They are taught respect for others, forgiveness for others (including their father) and many other character building habits. They give back to the community by volunteering for community events! They learn about a Heavenly Father who loves them!

Anderson wants to bring that program back to the community, and she has plans to reach out to the previous curator of the organization, Jerry Knight, to see what it would take to revive Pop in the Shop.

"I also let the officer know that I am interested in bringing back ‘Pop in the Shop’ program into our community, and perhaps this individual might be part of helping me get this started in terms of his plea deal with the courts," Anderson said. "It’s something that I’m thinking of asking anyway."

The biggest takeaway Anderson wanted from this situation was the fact that people make mistakes. People screw up. All of us have. But the fact that this person came forward speaks volumes. It did to Anderson, anyway. And she would prefer to think of this as a learning experience for the individual, not a public indictment.

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