Classic Ranch Fritos are back on shelves nationwide as of May 20.

The pack is a darker blue than the last time Classic Ranch was released back in 2016, it only says ranch on the front and not “classic ranch.”

This time the bag has the logo from the TV show Yellowstone show logo on the front of the bag.

The name does not promote the park, but the TV show.

Ranch flavored + Yellowstone the TV show = OH, I get it.

I wonder who got paid how much for that TV show promotion.

Do you eat them down at the train station? (Viewers of the show know what I mean).

These ranch-flavored Fritos are a limited edition run.

So get them in stores while you can.

If they are so good why aren't they on the shelves all the time?

You can go out and try them yourself.

But I decided to pull some videos from some YouTube goofballs who like sampling food on their channels.

Let these guys be the guinipigs.

These classic Ranch Fritos have been back on shelves nationwide as of May 20. So get them while they are still out there.

The company describes the chip as...

 “crunchy corn chips coated in tangy buttermilk ranch seasoning, offering customers a zesty flavor.”

Fans of the “Classic Ranch”, described them as...

“tasty but not particularly strong” and saying they had a “delicious ranch flavor and tasted deep fried without being greasy.”

Also “not overly salty.”

So, are they good?

Well, they are not bad.

But good will be up to what your tastebuds prefer.

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