I was glad to see that Mike Rowe, of the hit TV show Dirty Jobs, will be back. But this time he is traveling the nation in an RV looking for the dirtiest jobs across America.

Well, that means he will be coming our way - that is, of course, if someone remembered to put Wyoming on the map this time.

So what sort of jobs would make Mike Rowe stop in Wyoming? Here are 5 suggestions:

1). Cleaning a state park toilet pit. Believe it or not I found a video of a young lady doing this job. Here it is. I probably should not have put this job at the top of this list, because it is probably the worst of them all.

2). Castrating Bulls. I'm sure Mr. Rowe has done this. But has he done it in Wyoming?

3). Cleaning up road kill. Someone has to scrape that off the highway. The problem is there is not much that Mike Rowe hasn't done. This was actually on season 1 episode 3 of the original Dirty Jobs.

4). Wild Game Butcher. Some will say that it is not such a gross job. But those are the people who are used to doing it. Wild game can come with some horrid smells and disgusting things found on their flesh and inside them.

That's a start to see if we can get Mike Rowe to stop here. If you can think of far worse than these suggestions, let us know.

Good luck finding anything Mike has not already done.

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