According to The Riverton Ranger, there is a ghost tour in Riverton, Wyoming where folks come to hear all about the haunted history of the town.

The walk twists through the old downtown area. It stops at the corner of Fifth and Main where there is now a vacant lot and the host draws the audience's attention to the old Post Office. At night there have been people seen in period dress chatting, gossiping, and collecting mail.

At the old Yellowstone Drug Store, a man was approached by his dog. But the dog had been killed by a car some time ago. That dog can still be seen wandering the streets at times.

A jogger has been seen early mornings downtown. But nobody hears his feet slapping the pavement. He turns a corner behind some bushes but does not come back into view on the other side as he should. Divers come up behind the jogger but can never overtake him. It's as if he will always runs faster than them until he vanishes.

The Riverton Masonic Temple frequently reported the sounds of children running through the halls and laughing. There are also strange noises in the basement.

Children playing seem to play a big part in Riverton's ghost stories.

Children can be heard playing tag at the Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery, back in the day when it was The Broker. The noise comes from the second floor. But there is never anybody up there.


Folks have seen a ghostly image in an upper window at the J.W. Blake House, now known as the Delfelder House at Broadway and Adams. Nobody knows who he is but he seems quite busy.

Building the west caused a lot of hardship, strife, and death. That has caused a ghostly echo of the past in towns like Riverton.

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