At the beginning of the Biden Administration, I looked at what our new president wanted to do and said. WELL... here comes the 70's again.

I was right, but at the time I didn't realize just HOW right I was.

Sure, inflation has surged, just like in the 1970s

We have employment problems.

Supply chain problems.

High gas prices.

attachment-Youtube long lines gas pumps 2022

Long gas lines as people try to buy before the prices go back up.


The fashion is coming back too!

Skinny jeans are going away and bell bottoms are BACK.

So are hip-hugger blue jeans.

Though I have not seen anyone wearing polyester suits... YET!

AFROs are back.

Motown style
Black woman showing a vinyl disc.

Vinyl is back and so are record stores.

After taking a deeper look into this I found that I am not the only one who has noticed. Here is a video showing that 70's fashion is back, even in the world of high fashion.

Not so sure I want to see those stupidly high shoes and fuzzy hats again, but here we go.

Today's pop music sounds more and more like DISCO!

Unfortunately, some of the things that scared us the most in the '70s are back too.

A nuclear explosion creating a mushroom cloud. Mixed media illustration.

We are at odds with Russia again and just like in the '70s we are afraid of WWIII and Nuclear War.

Roller skating is back.

It might look a little different than it did back then but, here we go again.

The 1970s were hard times that people partied through as a way of helping to deal with all that was wrong with the world.

As hard as those times were, we made it.

The good news is that the next decade to come brought prosperity and a renewed sense of pride in America.

In other words, it all ended well.

So here's to hoping that our reliving of the decade of the '70s ends the same way.

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