One of the best places to see a meteor shower in North America is in Wyoming, due to the lack of big city lights and even a few places that are a hundred miles from the nearest small town.

The Orionids meteor shower is here. It is Arguably the best shower of the year.  It can be seen Oct. 20, and come to an end around early November. The peak is expected October 21. But you will see plenty if you start watching now. The less moon in the sky the more you will see.

At the rate they fall you might see about 10 to 20 an hour.

Because this shower comes later in the year the sky has a better chance of being cool, crisp and clear. Add to this that the Orionids is one of the brighter showers of the year and it makes for some great viewing.

You'll have to be a night owl for his one. The best viewing time is between 1 - 2am. But if you have never gotten up late for one of these things, it's worth it.

What you'll being seeing is actually left over dust as the earth passes some debris left by Halley’s Comet.

To help you find the best spot for viewing you can use this interesting interactive map called Dark Sky Finder. It will show you where the least light pollution on the planet is. Wyoming has some of the best viewing areas in North America.

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